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We understand that the purchasing of a property is a huge investment for the purchaser but we also understand that selling a property means saying goodbye for the seller of a home where they have acquired many memories.  We understand that you could be scared and not so sure of your decision sometimes …

We accordingly deal with a handful of Estate Agents to make sure that we are never overloaded with work so whenever you need us, even before your call, we have smoothed out whatever you could be calling about.

We keep you involved in the transferring process at all times, thereby empowering you with knowledge which makes you feel safe and the entire process as stress free as possible.

So whether buying or selling, when we handle the transfer on your behalf, you are in the best, most trustworthy and caring hands possible.  Why ? We believe that we work with people – with you – the rest happens automatically.

Here are some guidelines on the transferring process :

* A cash transaction where there is no current bond to be cancelled (on behalf of the seller) can take 4 to 6 weeks;

* within normal circumstances, a transfer takes between 6 – 8 weeks if all parties involved give full co-operation;

* if conditional upon the sale of purchaser’s property (within 30 days), approximately 3 months.

Please bear in mind that each transfer is as unique as the people selling and buying such property so we attend to each transfer on that basis.

STAGE 1 – The Agreement of Sale is concluded between the Purchaser and the Seller, having been brought together by the Estate Agent;

STAGE 2  – The Agreement of Sale is checked by the Estate Agent’s manager and handed over to the Conveyancing Department for processing.  The Conveyancing Secretary will instruct the Transferring Attorney who will contact the relevant parties concerned.  The Transferring Attorney will also request documentation and information from you required to commence the Transferring Process.  The bond application on behalf of the purchaser is dealt with by the Agent who will instruct their in-house bond consultant to handle the bond application on the purchaser’s behalf;

STAGE 3 – The Transferring Attorney apply for cancellation figures on behalf of the seller on the current bond (if applicable) as well as rates figures from the council and levy figures in the event that the property is sectional title.  A copy of the Title Deed is also requested from the Deeds Office;

STAGE 4 – The Transferring Attorney will inform you when the deposit has been paid (if applicable)/ when all suspensive conditions (if applicable) has been met by the purchaser;

STAGE 5 – Once the bond has been granted and the Transferring Attorney has all documentation/information requested as per STAGES 2 and 3 above, the Transferring Attorney draws documentation for both the seller and purchaser to sign;

STAGE 6 – The Transferring Attorney provide the Bond attorney appointed by the Bank to register the new bond on behalf of the Purchaser with a Draft Deed and their Guarantee requirements;

STAGE 7 – Upon receipt of the Guarantee from the Bond attorney, the Transferring Attorney pays rates and/or levies and transfer duty to obtain clearances from the Council and/or Managing Agent and SARS.  The Transferring Attorney also delivers the relevant guarantee to the Cancellation Attorney (if applicable) in respect of the current bond to be cancelled.  The Transferring Attorney request both Cancellation and Bond Attorneys (if applicable) to obtain the proceed to lodge from the relevant Banks and to prepare for lodging of the Transfer in the Deeds Office;

STAGE 8 – Once STAGE 6 and 7 had been completed and the Cancellation and Bond Attorneys (if applicable) have received confirmation from the Bank to lodge, lodgement is arranged with all 3 Attorneys (if applicable) and the Transfer proceeds to be lodged in the Deeds Office;

STAGE 9 – Once lodged in the Deeds Office all 3 batches (if applicable) of documents is checked by 3 Examiners on 3 different levels.  If any of the documents are incorrect or not acceptable by any one of the Examiners all 3 batches of documents are rejected by the Deeds Office and the Transfer needs to be re-lodged.  If, however, the documents have ” survived ” all 3 levels, the transfer proceeds to PREP (preparation for registration), put forward the next day for registration and registered the following day.  The Transferring Attorney will, however, keep you updated of the proceedings in the Deeds Office.

What makes us different when we are attending to your Transfer?

* We believe in keeping you informed of each and every happening on the sale / purchase of your property.  We accordingly provide feedback on a weekly basis;

* We handle each and every aspect of the Transfer on your behalf.  You will only be approached if there is a problem which we, and if necessary, with the assistance of your Estate Agent can not sort out on your behalf;

* Should you require bridging finance we arrange same for you;

* We arrange bridging finance for rates / levy / transfer duty payments where / if necessary on your behalf;

* We are available on weekends and after hours to sign Transfer documents with you if your work schedule so require;

* We sign with the elderly at their home when necessary;

* Rates refunds from the Council is collected on your behalf and paid to you promptly;

* Detailed statements of account together with supporting documentation is emailed to you once transfer has been effected, final statements and finances calculated and payments made;

* We stay in touch with you where-ever possible.